Exhaustion = no blogging action

It’s been  a while since I have last blogged. It’s been a mad house here. Literally.

In the last few months Tom and I have undertaken the mammoth task of completely renovating a house and turning it around for the rental market. This sounds impressive, but to be honest, we didn’t do most of the work – our builder and his crew did. That with said, we still spent every waking hour working, either on our normal chores or getting quotes, picking materials, running around town, building screens, making the garden etc. Our local hardware store has seen more of us in the last few months than the supermarket has.

After we completely reno’d this house, we then had the mad-cap idea of using the opportunity to move into it while we fixed our floors and kitchen. It was the spur of the moment decision (in consultation with the bank of course) and the next day, during a dinner party the builders started to rip the carpet up around us. I usually like to keep my house fairly tidy – especially if I am having guests, but I found myself unable to control the events that happened in that time. It really pushed my buttons. I experienced more chaos in the last few months than I think I can handle.

To make matters worse, we had relatives turn up from Holland for 3 weeks, and instead of lazing around in the back yard in the sun, they were shoveling gravel or scrubbing bathrooms. Poor things. They did say they wanted to help…but I am not sure if that’s what they had in mind.

Anyway, I am relieved to be able to say it’s 99.9 per cent over. The bit that isn’t finished is painting, and quite frankly, I can’t even fathom that at the moment. This year we have renovated three houses, have looked after three children, and I have worked full time. Amber is now 15 months, and still waking during the night (which is hard to remedy with relatives in the house or when you feel shattered yourself). So, for the last few weeks, and maybe the next few, I am going to indulge in a little me time, maybe even try and untangle the garden.

But for all my complaining, the best bit is, I have a supportive husband, a house rented out, and the bestest kitchen ever! A bench so big I can’t wait to give it a huge work-out. In the next few weeks, maybe after a bit of a rest the creative juices will start flowing again.

So much bench space....

Till then – I hope you have a nice rest over the Christmas period. Enjoy your family and friends and stay safe!

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  1. Karen says:

    Geri – you are hilarious! love the pic…
    enjoy the new kitchen!


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