How to build your own wood-fired oven in 3 days

While on our Honeymoon, Tom and I had an introduction to wood-fired pizzas. Can I just say that once you have tried homemade food that is wood-fired, it’s hard to look back at anything else. So, a few years later, when we finally had the priviledge to design our own backyard, it was the key feature we decided…

Build a wood-fired oven: Day 2 – Insulate the oven

If you want a good wood-fired oven – you have to insulate it, and insulate it well! A well insulated oven can reach temperatures of 500-700 degrees C on the inside. Let’s just say, you can’t achieve or maintain that kind of heat if you don’t.

You say ‘tobacco’ but I say ‘Babaco’

Today I tried a fruit I have never seen before, let alone tasted, called Babaco. I was given it yesterday by a visitor Sam. I was intrigued, and at the same time spent a good 24 hours eyeing it before I decided to try it. I noticed that I felt quite reluctant to try something new….

What do Dutchies do at New Years? Make doughnuts of course…

Being Dutch (or half dutch) has it’s advantages. For starters, if you say you are Dutch, it instantly makes you cool. Try it – even if you aren’t Dutch, and you will notice people instantly associate you with dykes, windmills, legislated hash and prostitution. Awesome!

Masterchef Masterclass with Opa

I think Opa Gerrit an amazing man. He grows all of his own vegetables. His vegetable garden is probably twice the size of my backyard (maybe 6 metres by 30 metres), and all year round he tends it. He has the ‘deep smarts’ about growing food that the next generation has completely lost.

The perfect Christmas present for the perfect man

My husband keeps telling me I am the luckiest woman on earth to be married to him (he has a healthy sense of self confidence). But I think we all know that it is actually he who is the luckiest man on earth – to be married to me (I have a sense of humour)!

Are we losing the meaning of Christmas?

I read an interesting article in last Friday’s Age called Spoiling Christmas. “Australian parents intend to spend an average of $584 on Christmas gifts for their children this year according to this week’s “Toy Treasure Trove” report from BankWest.“