Sorry to say – but this site isn’t about porn. Nor is it about grafting root stock. It’s mostly for me to capture what I learn as I journey to better health and living.

Why blog?

I started this blog in Nov 2009 while at home with my infant. Rather than go stir crazy (like I did with the other babies) and feel a tad alienated – I decided to teach myself some new skills and make more things from scratch. This is a good occupation when your other ‘job’ sleeps for about 17 hours in the day.

This was a great challenge, and I really enjoyed it. It kept me sane and I enjoyed the creative process. Someone even complained that I blogged too much at the time and they had to unsubscribe from my email list! First world problems huh!

Anyway…I went back to work and life got busy again and I stopped writing. What I didn’t stop doing however is living my dreams, and I have, bit by bit, learnt so much more that I haven’t written down and shared. I have also moved to the edge of the city, have chickens now, planted fruit trees and am getting better at weed identification. Joy!

My mad earth tendering skills are not that much better than before, I am still time poor, and my house plants are all endangered.

But, every time I use a herb from my garden, or make a subtle life improvement, I feel a sense of personal satisfaction. So I thought that I would revive my blog and continue to capture the important stuff. I write about what is practical for me, a modern day mum of three with a job and a mortgage, three chickens, two dogs and 5 acres of mostly native Australian bush.


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