Relishing time with the blister-in-law

Tomato relishMy sister-in-law Rose is the nicest sister-in-law you could ask for. I am actually very surprised that my brother managed to woo her – seeing all he was capable of with me and my sisters involved experimenting on scientific theories involving electric charges.

Rose’s mother Jane is a real DIYer, and as a result Rose has a wealth of knowledge about pickling and preserving her own food. Rose usually makes all of her own presents, and thankfully most of them are edible!

I spent yesterday at Rose’s house having my very first lesson – making tomato relish. Actually, Rose made the relish, while I supped numerous cups of tea, had a nap, emptied her pantry, all while 5 children up-ended the toys and scattered the cushions.

We had a lovely day, chatting, stirring the pot, smelling the aroma of clove, bay, allspice and ginger throughout the house.

It didn’t seem very difficult at all. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t ever tried it. I think I was baffled by the whole art and science of sterilising jars and blending everything. Anyway, it was a lot easier than I expected. I don’t think I will ever purchase tomato sauce again because relish makes commercial versions taste like bland goo.
The Cook's Companion
Rose’s Tomato Relish recipe is from Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion. We added way more spices than the recipe suggests – but then again, Rose likes it spicy. Maybe that’s why she married my brother!

Tomato relishRose looking every bit the perfect hostess in her apron!

I have included our version of the recipe below.

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