My lazy day just got busy


Try hard bollywood dancingI awoke this morning thinking I would just relax a little today after the new years celebrations. Right!Kajal, the Bollywood princess

New Years eve was spent at our friends house, swimming in their pool trying to beat the 38 degree C heat, then darting the enormous hail stones that rained from the sky in one of the more spectacular thunder storms we have had for a while. Our friends are Indian, so we tried all of our try-hard Bollywood moves and spent most of the evening dancing to very loud music. Lots of fun!

Kajal (in the photograph on the right with Tom) is a spectacular dancer, and seems to be able to dance all night. She is so busy dancing that we didn’t have dinner till after midnight, and desert surfaced sometime after 1am! This killed us the very first time we went to one of their parties. Now we have wised up and eat before we go. He he!

Himanshu goes crazy!

Today I got an unexpected visit from Dad. He had picked about 16kgs of ripe plums from his neighbours tree. What do you do with that many plums? I have enough plum sauce at the moment, so I decided to tackle making my own wine (naturally).

I will publish the recipe if the wine works out….fingers crossed. So now my laundry has turned into a brewery.

Tom had to make another batch of Oliebollen (just to make sure the recipe really is that good). Yep…it really is that good. 50 Oliebollen later, and after extensive quality control, I can confirm the recipe is great!

After all of this, I also cooked the other half of my homemade ham. This time I rubbed some Plum sauce over the ham as a glaze…delicious. I took some better shots of the ham so you can see the colour of the meat. It isn’t pink like normal ham, but it isn’t loaded with preservatives like normal ham either!

Plum ham

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