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A few weeks before Christmas, my friend Anna rang me with one of her more unusual requests. Could we house her boyfriend Andrew’s two goldfish (at that stage contained to life in a small tank with bright blue pebbles and a plastic plant)?

Our fish pond is in a large pot, bustling full of elodea, a water lilly and grasses. It is one of my favourite parts of the back yard. We sit on the bench seat next to the pond and unwind, watching the fish graze on algae, listening to the water trickle through the bamboo water feature. I find watching fish soothing. I have never had a fish prior to these, and I am pleased we included a water feature into the back yard design. We purchased a large terracotta pot for the pond, and made a bamboo water feature. Pretty simple and elegant (and beats digging a massive hole and filling it with plastic and concrete).

Relaxing by the pond

Anna and Andrew bought said fish over, both rather large in size. Andrew released his fish into the pond and watch anxiously hoping they would make the transition comfortably. One pale gold in colour, and the other speckled with light grey, white and orange splashes Andrew noted that they seemed dull in colour compared to the fish currently in the pond.

Yesterday Anna and Andrew were over with friends and they both couldn’t believe in the change in colour in Andrew’s goldfish. It would have been 6 weeks at the most that we have inherited these fish.

The orange fish is a stronger orange colour, and the speckled fish has black where it was once grey, and deep orange colours (I thought they looked brighter, but not knowing the two fish that well beforehand I wasn’t sure). Andrew and Anna on the other hand where almost shocked at the change in appearance. Anna said she almost feels guilty having seen this transition, that they were once kept in a small tank with it’s fake plastic plant and bright blue pebbles.

My fish diet mostly on algae and elodea, and I only feed my fish the smallest amount of food twice a week.

It just shows you what some sunshine, natural food and a healthy environment can do!

This makes me wonder about how most of the food we eat is grown, and whether it has been given the natural food, sunshine and space it needs to be as healthy as our goldfish.

The gold fishThe speckled fish

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  1. Nav says:

    Hi Geri,

    You dont have a water pump in your pond? Do you change the water often?

    What happens to the fish on a hot day like this?



    1. Geri says:

      Hi Nav,
      I do have a pump on the pond, you may not be able to see it in the photo’s. I have a waterfall that we run during the day (so that the pond doesn’t become a breeding ground for mozzies) and a filter that we clean once a month. Other than that, the plants deal with the rest and oxygenate the water and recycle the fish droppings.
      We also have plants that now grow beside the pond and shade it….the more shade the better, especially when it is hot.
      On really hot days like this one (over 43 degrees) I sometimes top up the tank with cool water. It is a really large pot, but still, after a few days of a heat wave it does start to warm up (don’t want to kill the fish).


  2. Diane says:

    Could you tell me how you built this fish pond? There are so many things on the internet and I want to do something simple. Thanks!


    1. Geri says:

      Hi Diane – we didn’t build the pond at all, we just went to a pot place (Pot’s Galore) in Springvale, and bought the nicest pot we could find that was without holes and glazed on the inside (so it doesn’t leak). I have seen very pricey pots in trendy garden nurseries for $650, but we spent $350 on this pot, and I love it because it has a rustic look on the outside surface, and it now has moss growing on it. Good luck finding one. I also put a pump in it to keep the water moving, and we made a waterfall out of bamboo and clear plastic tubing (if you buy one of these it will cost you $75 plus) and our makeshift one looks just as good.


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