Kids DIY haircuts

I guess after a few months of trying to DIY many things at home, eventually ones thoughts turn to the topic of hair. Does becoming self-sufficient mean I need to attempt DIY haircuts?

I would certainly save a fortune, and since my hairdresser has recently moved suburbs, now would be a good time to consider such an option. And anyway, it doesn’t look that hard. Keep the lines straight, take a section at a time, pull the hair away from the head at the same distance each time.

Could I do it to myself? No way. I do go to a hairdresser (as I am unable to see the back of my head) and I can’t cut in a straight line on my own head. Also, I don’t trust Tom’s DIY fashion cuts as he lived way too close to the German border for most of his life (I am convinced most German’s are stuck in an 80s time warp – lovely people – but no fashion sense).

Jasmine (1 year ago) with her Albert Einstein-inspired style
Jasmine (1 year ago) with her Albert Einstein-inspired style

The truth is, I have been consciously trying to grow Jasmine’s hair (my 4 year old). She didn’t have any hair when she was born. She didn’t have much hair when she was 2 (golden wisps).

It was 3 whole years before we actually had any hair we could trim. The only hair that she did grow was a mullet on the back of her head (show’s we have bogun genes in there somewhere). Yes, our hair-growing genes are truly pitiful.

Now Jasmine is 4, the fine wispy bits are finally starting to grow longer, the Albert Einstein-inspired style finally abating. While all the other little 4 year old girls have had numerous haircuts and can grow their manes down to the ground, we have finally got our fringe to chin length! Wow! Maybe in a few months time, we will actually be able to have a bona fide pony tail. Maybe old ladies in the street will stop asking me about my beautiful boy.

For the last year I have been trying to grow her fringe so that we can tie it back. She starts school this year, so I was pleased to say after a year of annoying hair flopping in her face, we were finally getting there.

After a year later, finally getting somewhere
After a year later, finally getting somewhere

Then, while out shopping the other day, I noticed that she had a fringe. I froze in my tracks. How could this happen? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was it a DIY? No. Who cut your hair? No-one did. Well…can I talk to no-one please. I am not very happy with them.

Jasmine finally reluctantly confessed that her brother Conor (9) cut her fringe for her – all while I wasn’t paying attention. I was furious on the outside and laughing on the inside at the same time (to be honest he didn’t do a bad job, I have done way worse myself) but I just would have liked to be consulted in the process. I find it hilarious that they did this behind the door in the bedroom with nail scissors. I wish I had been a fly on the wall.

Jasmine's DIY haircut
Jasmine's DIY haircut

So, this whole DIY thing I am currently exploring has obviously caught on with my kids. You don’t want to discourage this exploration, but we definitely don’t grow enough hair for him to practice his new found skills. It will be another 12 months before this fringe grows out.

Happy for any volunteers….a photo of my son’s handy work is on the left.

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