The dutch lady’s cap


Last Friday, as I picked Amber up from creche the girls told me that the following Monday they were going to have an International day at creche, and to dress my baby up in something.

Seeing that I have excelled at doing very little for my children at creche over the last few years (this is sadly true – I am terrible at remembering such things and usually have the only kid in the room not dressed in theme) I decided to try extra specially harder this year.

So, I had to dig out a few pictures of the Dutch hats I have seen Tom’s family wear and see what I could scramble together with my ‘good at curtains but not much else’ sewing skills.

When Tom and I first took Jasmine to Holland, I experienced a surprise ‘Congratulations on your baby girl’ party Holland style. This consisted of a brass band parading down the street, followed by a bus that everyone got on, and then a big piss up and bbq in a barn. No jokes.

How they do it in HollandHow they do it in Holland

My little blister wearing her dutch hat proudlyGreat fun! Certainly the only party I have been to with it’s own brass band. I was lucky my little sister was over from the UK to be there (see above), because certainly she would hardly believe the spectacle had I relayed it to her. We both rang my brother and woke him in Australia to the ‘Oompa Oompa’ music blaring in the background. I am sure to this day he probably just thinks he had some weird dream.

Later at our wedding, the dutch lady’s caps surfaced again. Our wedding was very much focused on the ‘fun’ and far less about ‘formality’, as is evident from the photo below. We were originally planning a serious wedding, but after friends begged for a dress up party – went for a theme of ‘come as you dare’. Check out the in-laws!

Our Wedding

I rushed off to the Salvation Army store on Saturday, scoured through every white item in the shop and finally found the perfect material in the shape of a white shirt. Pity really, it was a nice shirt and a good brand (Monsoon), but it was destined for the scissors.

So here is the fruit of my labour. My first mini-reproduction Dutch girls cap. I am pretty happy with the end result considering I used a cooking bowl with a baby’s hat stretched over it as my model. And my real life model is looking pretty cute in it – me thinks!

Amber in her dutch cap - too cuteAmber ready for crech in her little dutch girls outfit

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  1. Sonia says:

    Oh Geri, just priceless. Truly, priceless! LOVE IT…


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