Day 6 – watching the compost decompose


It’s day 6, and after a busy week of work and getting home at dusk, I haven’t ventured out to view my decomposing experiment (see The fine art of composting). It’s winter, and we have had some of the best rain this week that Melbourne has seen for a while, country Victoria has seen the best rain it has had for 14 years. The compost is therefore moist!

Day 6 compost heap

The heap has settled, and is noticeably lower than last Sunday.

I can notice some decomposing action, but it’s not hot hot hot. It’s definitely not steaming (and I won’t be throwing in the cow in yet). Temperature wise, we are just tipping over 20 degrees. Looks like I will need to get the pitchfork out tomorrow to work and stir things up a bit.

Day 6 compost - Temperature 22 degrees Celcius

Till next time – for some more riveting composting action…. Wow – you know your life is really, really exciting when you start to follow the decomposition of scraps in your back lane. Surely it can’t get any more action packed than this!

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