Beating the post natal haze with a blog…

A year ago to this week I gave birth to the beautiful Amber, and for the next few months did all the normal mum stuff you do when in the hormone/sleep deprived daze that is with a new baby. I did however do this with a difference this time. Knowing from past babies that I can feel a little lost, unmotivated and alone (most likely also assisted by hormones), I had set myself a challenge to do some things I hadn’t done before – activities that could all be done from home while you wait for someone to sleep.


For me, this worked a treat! I hit the notepad and wrote down all the things I love to eat, and then researched whether or not I could grow them. Then I found an online Organic plant supplier Green harvest and purchased a whole array of wonderful things such as tumeric, galangal, ginger, water chestnut, lemongrass, comfrey, horseraddish and asparagus. I will be honest and admit to killing some of these poor plants, and also forgetting where I actually planted some of them and then pulling them out later thinking they were weeds (I now have a system in place to stop this from happening in the future). I did have success however with the tumeric, ginger, water chestnuts, lemongrass, comfrey and horseraddish. Growing something you love is so much better than planting random vegetables in the ground, because you take so much more interest in their welfare and progress.

Tom had been baking sourdough bread and other such things, and at the time I would I sort of leave him to it. But, sitting at home waiting for the next feed enabled me to get the gumption to sit at home and watch dough rise. I was so nervous about trying sourdough and thought I would never get it right. It was easy, and what’s more, my buns rose higher than Tom’s. I also felt extremely proud of myself for extending my comfort zone, having a go, and making my own things.

My first attempt at sourdough

Before I new it, I was cooking something different everyday, and I embarked on a different salad a day, or making my own pasta, yoghurt or muesli.

Then, after some crazy conversation with Tom and good friend Vincent, who suggested I should put some of my thoughts online, I found myself writing a blog – not something I even fully comprehended as to the purpose.

Well…I have just passed the 100 blog mark, and although I don’t write with the same fervor as I did at the beginning, I am still as passionate today about trying to be more sustainable – day by day, and pushing myself to make small changes – step by step.  Writing a blog seems like such a good motivator to keep going. It’s easy to sit back and relax unless you are thinking of your next project.

I have also made lots of new friends through my blog, or connected with others in a different way. I have discovered a real passion, and it gives me such joy to share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

One year on

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  1. Kaz says:

    thanks, I really enjoy reading your blog, and have tried some of your and ohter new recipes since you’ve inspired me..



    1. Geri says:

      Thanks Kaz. My pleasure. Thanks for the feedback!


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