A great place to start – change your breakfast

I found a great way to feel healthier…..start by loading the first meal of every day with really healthy things. I always feel good when I have a big bowl of seasonal fruit, muesli and yoghurt on top.

The only problem is, I can’t believe how expensive breakfast cereals cost at the supermarket. What’s worse is that most of them really aren’t that healthy when you have a close look at the fine print on the back….not to mention the exorbitant price. I am sick of paying $7 for 450g of museli that consists mostly of oats and sugar and is shipped from the US of A.

So I went on the hunt for a good muesli recipe (ie googled ‘muesli’) and tried some from there. The only problem was, they all seemed too finicky (soak the muesli in fruit juice…etc) and when I tried any of them, I didn’t like them as much as the supermarket brand.

Then, the night before I went into labour, I happened across this recipe (it’s amazing what you end up doing when you are 9 days overdue and completely bored of being the size of a bovine cow).

I found this recipe in an old edition of New Zealand’s Edmonds Cookery Book that was sitting right under my nose.

This recipe tastes better than anything I have been buying from the supermarket, plus I can control how much sugar/oil is in it, and there are no preservatives.

My friend Vincent is your typical geek/bachelor. He tried the muesli and also loved it, and now cooks it in bulk to eat whenever he is hungry during the day. Sure beats snacking on junk food.

Check out the recipe if you are interested!

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