Have we lost confidence to do things by ourselves?

Photo taken from Mum's garden in Lavers Hill

One of my closest friends Anna dropped by the other day and amongst other things we discussed why most of us are lured into buying ‘ready made’ products and solutions. Anna and I have been friends for a long time, and we have both made heavy use of modern day solutions – especially when we have both been fulltime working mums.

Convenience is a big factor of course…but it has become much more than that now…dependance. I love convenience. I live across the road from Woolworths, and have a strip of restaurants at my door.

The other thing is, somehow the old fashion way is just not very sophisticated, not readily packaged, not perfumed.

The other day my husband Tom cleaned the windows outside with water….yep, water. Having surfed the net for some natural window cleaners, water was a suggestion. And guess what – it actually worked! So, somehow we have been lured into paying big dollars for chemicals in a bottle with blue colouring when good old H20 was the best cleaner all along. Leaves no streaks. Is good for the environment. Does not involve any pre-preparation time. What could be easier?

This fuels me on to learn how to do more by myself.

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