Where have I been? – offline


It’s been quite a few weeks now since I have posted a blog – and I have been rather occupied in between.

Merrimbula, NSW, Australia

Firstly, for the last 5 weeks I have had the Dutch in-laws invade. If you can imagine a cosy 3 bedroom house with 9 people in it, including a baby, then you can start to see what I have been toying with. We got so desperate for space that the baby cot got squashed next to the PC on the stair landing, and Conor slept in the cupboard under the stairs (I kid you not on this one). Oh well, so I get the ‘bad mother of the year’ award for another year. Never mind. He loved it by the way, and asked me today if he can still sleep there after people leave. Another mum at school gave me some old glasses frames so that he really does look like Harry Potter. Nothing beats a bit of imagination!

I have been working from home two days a week (I love you Medibank Private for letting me do that), the baby is starting to crawl around the house (hence limited blogging time) and I have been busy entertaining as well. Yesterday the inlaws left, and I find myself sitting here, not sure where to start. Do I move the furniture back to where it belongs, clean, or just sit in a daze? Maybe a blog?

From the 20th to the 30th of March we took a break – hired a van, packed it to the hilt, and all went touring up the East coast of Victoria and Southern NSW. Can I just say, the van we were going to get when we went to Budget Rental was a Toyota Tarago and there was absolutely no way we would have fit anything in the boot except the port-a-cot, pram and bag of potatoes (which are essential for Dutch people to take on holiday). So after a few minutes of umming and arrhhing, Addis at Budget Rental in Camberwell got on he phone (I was in shock because I have never actually witnessed a rental car person who was actually proactive or have a sense of humour) and rang around a few places and got us a Hyundai Imax. It was fantasic. Heaps of boot space, and way more comfortable for everyone.

After packing the van, and with heaps of room left, Tom decided to pack the coffee machine. Best decision really. If you can take your coffee machine on holiday (ours makes great coffee), then you are guaranteed to have a great holiday. It’s that easy.

Only pack the essentials when you go away with 8 people in one van

We drove up to Eden, and stayed for a few days in a rented house. When you have so many people, renting a house is far more economical than other accommodation. Our house was called the Quarterdeck, and on the outskirts of Eden. It was peaceful, had a view of the bay, and perfect for just hanging out with the family.

Oma checking out the view from the Quarterdeck

It’s been 19 years since I have been in Eden – back then for a Forestry excursion to see the the wood chip exports to Japan, visit the Ben Boyd National Park, and take a ride in the cab of a log truck.

This time we took the Imax off-road to visit Boyd Tower, and Green Cape Light house (all accessible by car) and with walking tracks that the great grandmother ‘Oma’ can walk as she is blind (she does an amazing amount of stuff for a lady who only has 5% sight in one eye). The off-road was interesting. I don’t think the Dutchies are used to being juddered for 23kms on a rutted dirt road. Good to get off the beaten track so to speak.

Here are some of the images from Eden.

On the roadBoyd tower, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW, AustraliaGreen Cape Light house, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW, AustraliaGreen Cape Light house, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW, AustraliaI kept trying to tell him to take one step back so I could get him in the shot, but my Dutch isn't so goodDisaster Bay, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW, AustraliaTiger snake, EdenThe Pinnacles, Ben Boyd National Park, Eden, NSW, Australia

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Prudence says:

    Sounds like an interesting trip – I know I should be commenting on your trip but the pic of the coffee machine – is that your kitchen or the one in Eden because we picked out the exact same bench top and cupboards today for our new kitchen. Spooky – nice to see it with more coverage than just the tiny sample swatches we have!


    1. Geri says:

      Not our kitchen….but the one in Eden Prudence. Glad to be able to help with your colour matching and cupboard selection…hahahaha.


  2. Prudence says:

    Your photos are stunning – beautifully composed.


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