A sea change – such a nice way to get rerooted


My story continues….after a few days in Eden, we headed up to Gerroa. No one I talk to ever knows where this place is. It is 40 mins South of Wollongong and sits at the top of the Seven mile beach National Park. I am blessed to have a friend who loaned us his house, and really, the view doesn’t get any better than this.

The view from our house

I discovered the culinary delights of the Berry bakery (Logan berry pies and Macadamia and Pecan nut tarts). I will now have to try to reproduce these recipes – but I suspect this will take some time. The in-laws love a good old Aussie meat pie – so in the last few weeks I think I have eaten more of these then I have in the last year. Never mind, that is what holidays are about. My brother in-law couldn’t believe we have ice creams called ‘Gaytimes’ so these became a hit. Oma even cut out some meals just so she could have a Gaytime instead. It’s all good. As you can see, even with the extended family, it’s all about the food.

Oma loves a gaytime

Having no internet, no telephone, no email, no pressure makes you realise how much these things normally fill our lives. Sitting by the water and watching the tides go in and out, watching the birds dive for fish, or the Pelicans float past is surreal. One morning I thought I could see a swimmer in trouble, splashing and then out of sight. Then I realised it was a pod of dolphins. Normally I take a huge amount of time to throw myself into the water, but I was in in a flash to get closer to these amazing creatures. We spent a week waking on the beach, watching the view. It was so nice we didn’t even go out for dinner to eat. Why would you with a view like this.

Here are some of my photos. They are no where near as breath taking as the real thing!

A pod of dolphins fishing, GerroaNice view of pelicans and 7 mile beach, GerroaA pelican friend flew inA pelican sorting out pecking heirachyA hermit crabA sunset in GerroaThe resident lizardHappy peeping over the top of the back pack

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