I LOVE it when I see a change for the better!


In an earlier blog I wrote about how disheartening it is to hear that perfectly good food is wasted by the major supermarket chains as it isn’t deemed to be of the quality they want to be known for (No rotten bananas… the price for being so picky).

Can I just say, today I am a very happy customer, and wish to applaud the small but significant change I have witnessed occurring in our Woolworth’s supermarket.

In the last month I have started to notice marked down fruit in bags next to the ‘perfection’ so many customers must be demanding. I am pretty happy with the quality of the marked down food – to me this is perfection. Perfect food for a fraction of the price. I am excited! Most of the bananas are absolutely perfect, and if we end up with one or two rotten ones at the end of this, I can just smell the Banana loaf coming on!

And, I believe that we should encourage these small but very significant changes. Woolies, I never thought I’d see you do this. Please keep the rotten banana’s coming.

Marked down bananas from Woolworths

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  1. Sonia says:

    I picked up some certified free range eggs for less than half price at my local Woolies because they were only “best before” for another 4 days… well, I’m making your scrumptious frittata once again so I’m pretty pleased with my savings!


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