Working mother survival style boring dinners…


As today was back to work day for this chicken, I am devoting a few hours today to getting ahead on this weeks dinners – otherwise I might be tempted by the restaurant strip outside the door, which is not only not good for me, but expensive too.

You know the kind of dinners I am talking about – the ones that you can pre-prepare, and are not costly, are mostly healthy, and you can even freeze half of them so that you are way ahead for next week!

These meals have been around our house for a long while. It’s not the sort of food I would ever serve you if you came for dinner (unless your name is Anna or Vincent, and then I treat you like one of the clan and it’s nothing fancy).

I will start with my tuna casserole (which the kids call White Lasagna – because it is nothing like lasagna, but it is white). Hope you enjoy!

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